Terms and Conditions of Purchase

HVS Teknik Hizmet ve Destek Çözümleri Limited Şirketi, residing at Beşevler Mahallesi Yıldırım(130) Caddesi Arkan Sitesi A Blok No:255/4 Nilüfer Bursa, with VAT No 4640710924 at Çekirge tax office will be referred to as “ELIPEACOCK” here under.

Below mentioned terms and conditions are applicable to all users without exception.

Personal information such as name, surname, phone number and other relevant details must be entered fully and accurately while ordering. ELIPEACOCK will assume no responsibility for confusions that may occur due to inaccurate and/or missing order information.

It is prohibited to use or to make an attempt to use software that may put ELIPEACOCK’s system security and/or functionality at risk.

Users are liable to provide correct information and users acknowledge this responsibility beforehand. ELIPEACOCK does not check and/or verify user information provided and takes no liability as such.

All rights reserved. No part of content (writings, pictures, graphics or any other material) of ELIPEACOCK may be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, published or marketed in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written consent of ELIPEACOCK. In the event that any material of ELIPEACOCK is used in some user’s Social Media account, it is absolutely imperative to tag the original content owner and/or to specify the permission of the private or legal entity allowing the sharing of the content. ELIPEACOCK takes no liability for legal conflicts arising from improper content sharing.

ELIPEACOCK may include links or references of other web sites that are beyond her control. ELIPEACOCK takes no liability for the content of such web sites or any other links they are likely to include.

Web site of ELIPEACOCK includes cookies. Cookies are tiny data files that are replaced on user’s computer or mobile device when web site is visited. Cookies are commonly used by website owners in order to make their web site work more efficiently, as well as to provide reporting information.

ELIPEACOCK is not liable for data missing or misdirected information, messages or files that may occur due to user errors while using the web site.

Unauthorized and use illegal of someone else’s credit card during online payment will cause legal action taken as per Debit Cards and Credit Cards Law (Law No 5464 dated on February 23rd, 2006 and the Regulation on Debit Cards and Credit Cards, published on the Official Gazette dated on March 10th, 2007 with reference of 26458.

No information, photo, video, link or any other written or visual content in ELIPEACOCK is allowed to be copied/reproduced in order to be used for other products or services.

ELIPEACOCK is not liable for unfulfilling requirements set forth in this contract arising from mechanical, electronic or communicative malfunction or shortage due to causes beyond ELIPEACOCK’s power and control.

In the event that one or several clauses of this contract become invalid or inapplicable, the rest of the agreement remains binding in full.

Governing Law of this contract will be the Turkish Law, irrespective of origins of the parties. Istanbul Courts will be responsible for any legal conflict arising from execution of this contract.

All visitors wishing to use ELIPEACOCK will have accepted aforementioned terms and conditions beforehand.

ELIPEACOCK is not liable for damages caused by users not fulfilling aforementioned terms and conditions to themselves and/or to some other users.

ELIPEACOCK reserves rights to change discount sales and campaign terms without prior notice.

ELIPEACOCK reserves rights to make changes on any of the aforementioned terms and conditions without prior notice.