Eli Ananieva Stanimirova was born in Bulgaria in 1984. Her family immigrated to Turkey when she was 5. Being raised in Turkey, she used her Turkish name Sevil Savaş Özsezer to highlight her nationality.

Her attraction and fascination in fashion, design and handcrafting already appeared during her childhood; playing with fabrics, textures, embellishments, sewing and more…

She studied French at university. Yet her passion for creating a brand on her own never stopped. After graduation, she started to work in automotive industry: 8 years in Sales & Business Development and Project Management positions. She found herself that she ended up again thinking of establishing her own brand. But she never knew that all these opportunities would give her advantages while establishing, managing and developing her own business.

Thanks to her long-lasting perseverance and passion that she attended a Fashion Management Programme, held both in Istanbul and London by Istanbul Fashion Institute and London Fashion School. That London experience made Eli’s dream come true by turning her hobby to a business at the age of 30.

Her vision is to create a wide range of couture, demi-couture and ready to wear accessories, headpieces, belts, earrings and more in various colours and textures to complement any simple outfits. Her collections are already turning heads with her innovative approach to create new look for contemporary modern woman, more imaginative and more experimental than ever.