Eli Peacock x Harper’s Bazaar Wedding Interview


Sevil Savaş Özsezer, the founder and designer of the Eli Peacock brand, which reinterprets elegance and modernism in her designs, draws attention with her unique hair accessories.

Interview: Melek Çinici

Shall we start our conversation by listening to the story of Eli Peacock as the founder and designer of the brand?

Eli Peacock is exactly a fashion brand and reflects this vision in all of his bridal hair accessory designs. It has become the favorite of modern, cool, and trendsetter brides with this glittering, sparkling collection it has created for the last three years.

What is the source of inspiration for your accessory designs that make brides feel extraordinary and more special?

Most of the designs are inspired by the stories of brides who crossed paths with Eli Peacock. For this reason, we use names with characteristic features that will overlap with the model itself in each design. For example, our LUNA model is the name of a bride named Hilal. LUNA is a hair accessory that shines brightly in the shape of a moon.

How does the process progress from personalized designs?

First of all, we prefer brides to decide about their dresses, their veils, and even their hairstyles if possible. We provide free consultancy service during the entire meeting in the selection of hair and accessories suitable for the ceremony place and concept. It is very important for us to choose the design that will be best for our brides. After one or two rehearsals depending on the situation, we can easily deliver the relevant design. Almost all of our personalized order processes end with precious moments and the beautiful friendships that accompany them. It would be more accurate to call it new beginnings.

Eli Peacock continues on his way with increasing momentum. Can you talk a little bit about what’s on your route?

Eli Peacock is growing both as a brand and as a collection. We are celebrating our 10th anniversary next year. Of course, by the way, I’m also 40 years old (laughs). So my gift to myself for my 40th birthday will be achievements that we will celebrate. Our route is to go global…

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