A New Signature on Hair Accessories; Eli Peacock

You have heard her name before. You have seen her works on the runways, on the streets, or the covers of magazines. Her name is Eli Peacock, and she was born with a fire for design and made her place in the world of fashion. Let’s take a closer look at her early days and life!
Eli Peacock’s story goes back to her childhood where she makes clothes for her dolls and craft accessories for their hairs. For all her life, she loved being different and showed her colorful point of view to anywhere she went. Her creativity merged with her productivity, and she fought hard to become who she is today. The story behind her name has hidden inside her childhood designs which she still keeps in her atelier. She chooses to use crystals, feathers, lace, and silk to refer to the royalty of the mighty peacock. And her name Eli is her second name for being born abroad. She went to London to complete her education about fashion and brand management. Her life changed when she met that special person.

The Birth of Eli Peacock’s Aesthetic

Her journey to become today’s Eli Peacock started in London when she met a hair accessory designer randomly in Portabello Road Market. Her main inspiration for her unique designs is the British women who wear their hair accessories with everyday clothes. Their sophistication became Eli Peacock’s muse, and she found an authentic style for her brand. Her countless collaborations with fashion brands and designers made her name glow, and she became a trendsetter for hair accessories. Her flawless aesthetic and style will give every woman their dream hair accessory for every occasion.

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